About FilMe

F i l Me is an Australian born global which aims disrupting the current entertainment distribution. A brainchild of Dr. Abhishek Shukla, PhD in International Business and Strategic Management from Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, F i l Me is a cool retail product which lets you watch movies directly to your smartphone with no internet, no subscription and no app download. It’s like magic.

Assisted by a through team of professionals and experts, F i l Me is set to make inroads and is helping film producers reach three times their current audience. It is the solution to

  • Rampant Piracy,
  • Low Theatre Occupancy,
  • Expansive and spiralling promotion budgets and
  • Overdependence on unfortunately inept infrastructure.
  • Additional revenue source for producer

With set distribution in Australia and GCC, F i l Me will take entertainment content global at a fraction of a cost to producer, very soon.