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2021 | 2Hr 20Mn |Romance, Drama

IMDb Rating : 8

Cast : Mareena Michael, Adil Ibrahim, Maala Parvathy, Parvathy Arun and others

Directors : Shanoob Karuvath, Sreejith Chandran, Anu Kurisinkal, Jayesh Mohan, Shajan S Kallai, Fawaz Muhamed

CHERAATHUKAL is an anthology movie having six stories, each painting different shades of love. It starts from the bond develops between a caring bubbly home nurse and the senior citizen whom she came to take care. This is followed by the deep love towards the passion of a dancer, lust in the disguise of love and the courage of the woman to say no, tale of an everlasting love which prompts one to wait his entire life for his love, a nun’s love to the under privileged and the marginalized and the value of timely decision and it ends with an youngster and his love to his own people and his urge to do something for them