The Tattoo Murders

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2021 |  Crime, Thriller
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CAST : Tanuj Virwani, Meera Chopra, Anang Desai 

DIRECTOR : Shravankumar Tiwari

Aditi Acharya is an inspector in the Kamathipura chowki. As efficient as she is at work, her personal life is crumbling due to her hallucinations of scorpions. At work, she is assigned a murder case. The victim is a sex worker, and she’s branded with a scorpion tattoo. She’s not the only one. It appears to be a case involving a serial killer, except that the killer and his actual victim are not who you might suspect.

In spite of hallucinations and dizzy spells, Aditi (Meera Chopra) perseveres with the case, enlisting the help of a local don called Prahar Pratap (Tanuj Virwani). He guides her to the suspects and seems to know a little too much about Aditi.